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Index to Recent Blogs

I am not totally satisfied with the way wordpress administers tags and index. So for the benefit of my Students pls. check out this overview of recent blogs from me.

Danish eGovernment Strategy

Danmark 2.0 ?

Danske IT visioner 2015+

OECD efterlyser danske IT visioner

IT History – Fractions from a journey

Farvel til Teknologirådet?


Hvad skal vi med eGovernment ?

Om e-Valg

Hvorfor fejler offentlige IT-projekter?

Why Public IT Projects fail (1)

Why Public IT projects fail (2)
2 Days with Chris Pott – and Goodbye to IT as we know it!

The European Union and Web 3.0

Towards Web 3.0 ???

Public Sevices 2.0 – EU Seminar

Government 2020

The State of the Future

Impressions from WMSCI

6th Eastern European eGovernment Days


Biometrics – The Danish Perspective

Video Surveillance and Privacy

Security and Privacy in Biometrics

Privacy igen-igen

Swedish Surveillance Law again, again – towards a happy ending ?

Reflections on Media Manipulations..

Nej til STASI metoder – Ja til social ansvarlighed

Swedish Surveillance Case – New Comments

When Neighbours are peeping through your Windows...


Cyber-warfare – Is the IT Infrastructure protected?

User Centric Identity Management

Cybercrime Predictions

Security Outlook for the Middle East – some Comments

Digital Signature – A Danish Perspective

Beredskabssymposium – Når krisen kradser

Cities and eGovernment

Eurocities Annual General meeting 2009

Green Cities – Blue Skies ahead?

Eurocities Anual General meeting in Den Haag

Revisiting Dubai – The Eye of the inancial Crisis

Health & Welfare

Hospitals of the future

Welfare Technology – Architectural Considerations

Welfare Technology – Buzzword or Reality?

Sundheds- og Velfærdsteknologi

Københavns Kommunes projekt om det gode ældreliv

Teknologi i Ældreplejen


Greenland – Icy Path to Independence

Safarissoq – 'Where the Currents get strong'

Arctic Challenges (1)

Arctic Challenges (2)

Climate and Global Resources, Macro Economics

G20 – Fears and Expectations

Intelligent Energy Systems

IMF – and Weapons of Financial Mass Destruction

Rethinking Macro Economics

Which Crisis ???

Sustainable Energy for 1000 Years

Global Ressources Statusrapport 2008 – Dystopi eller realitet?

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